Booking London Minibus Hire For School Trips

Booking London Minibus Hire For School Trips

Booking London Minibus Hire For School Trips

If you are a teacher, you will understand the difficulty of finding a school field trip site that offers both entertainment as well as learning opportunities for children. While most cities would only have one or two such places, London has a host of them, all within driving distance of each other! Whether you are interested in the sciences, history, design, politics or biology, there is something for you in London. For small groups, the trip can be even more fun if you take advantage of London minibus hire. This makes the transit seamless, leaving you free to focus on giving the children the best possible experience in one or several of these places.

Why London Minibus Hire?

While school trips are lots of fun and educational, they can also be a source of pain for the teacher, especially when organizing transportation for a big group. Hiring a minibus service mitigates this as you will get professional and courteous drivers who will take you to the sites you want to visit and back with minimal fuss. Because they are professionals, the drivers know the shortest routes to all these sites and how to avoid traffic snarl ups. The end result is a quicker and pain free trip that means more fun and more learning for your kids.

Here then are some great sites for you to visit on your next school trip.

Shakespeare Globe

Designed in the same set up as Shakespeare plays would have been performed in medieval England, Shakespeare Globe is an excellent place to give kids an experiential feel of Shakespeare’s literature. The experience is not just to watch the plays but to immerse in the Shakespeare era. The Shakespeare Globe also features a museum and is an ideal place to bring your literature or performing arts students to understand the life and times of England’s best know playwright.

Tate Modern

For students interested in the arts, there is no better place than Tate Modern. It features numerous temporary and permanent exhibitions of contemporary arts.  The facility is free as well although it is recommended that you book well in advance to make your school trip smooth and hassle free.

British Museum

This free facility offers a fascinating array of modern and historical exhibitions. The museum also plays host to numerous education activities that your school group can join. If you book in advance, the museum can even organize guided tours, giving you and the children an amazing and educative experience.

Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum features exhibitions that revolve around the two World Wars. The museum is a great place for students to learn first-hand about the first and second world wars. The Imperial War Museum is free to school groups although it is advisable to book in advance. For history students in particular, a visit to this museum will be an unforgettable experience.

River Thames Cruise

The River Thames Cruise is a fun and different way to learn about London and all the interesting things about the capital city. Along the cruise, a guide will offer a running commentary on the features of the city and the landmarks. It’s a fun way to teach children the history and geography of London while enjoying a cruise down the Thames.

The Crystal

Housed in what is known as the most sustainable building on the planet, the Crystal houses an exhibition that revolves around sustainable cities of the future. It is an eye-opener on what the future could be and will make a fascinating subject for class discussions and essays many days after the field trip. The Crystal is a perfect place for students studying all sorts of subjects including science and design. Guided tours and customized visits can be arranged on request.


Want to give your kids a taste of what it means to be a doctor or a lawyer? Kidzania is a sprawling complex designed to give children a taste of over 100 careers.  Children are able to experience what a day looks like in a variety of careers. What a great way to give children career guidance through an experiential session at Kidzania!

Victoria & Albert Museum

This is a museum dedicated to celebrating arts and crafts stretching back to over 3,000 years ago. Positioning itself as one of the premier museums of art and craft, V&A brings to life artefacts from around the world in stunning exhibitions. It also features interactive educational sessions, guided tours and many more attractions. V&A is certainly going to thrill your students regardless of what their interests are due to the sheer scale of thematic areas covered in the museum.

Madame Tussauds

One of the premier wax figures exhibitions in the world, Madame Tussauds is a must-visit when on an educational tour of London. Featuring wax figures of celebrities in politics, sports, showbiz and many other areas, Madam Tussauds is a fantastic place to learn in a fun and interesting way.

Royal Museum Greenwich

Featuring the Royal Observatory, the museum features exhibitions that include collections from the Maritime Museum among others. The museum will thrill students interested in maritime and space exploration, not least because it features the only surviving Cutter ship in the world. It says a lot about this museum that is was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tower of London

Take your kids around the six palaces that are brought to life in the tour of the Tower of London. The visit covers everything, from the blood chilling stories from the days when the tower of London was a prison to fashion stories from Kensington palace. A visit to the Tower of London is both educational and fascinating.

Natural History Museum

Fascinated by nature? The Natural History Museum will be a treat if you do. Featuring exhibitions inspired by nature, it even features a collection from the Jurassic era. Let your kids mingle with dinosaur models as they learn about nature. A visit to the natural history museum will certainly be a thrill for your science students.

EDF Energy London Eye

Touted as one of the world’s largest observation wheels, a visit to The London Eye will make for an unforgettable experience for your kids.  Children who are interested in a variety of fields such as geography and design will love the trip and the things they will learn from it.

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