Best Autumn Destinations In London For Wedding Photos

Best Autumn Destinations In London For Wedding Photos

Best Autumn Destinations In London For Wedding Photos

Why autumn? Is it really a good time to get married or have a wedding photoshoot? The answer is yes! Here’s why. For starters, the weather is much more pleasant than in Spring or Winter. In addition, you are avoiding the busy period. Busy periods are when wedding costs are at their peak. That’s not all. The cosy feeling of Autumn is all around you. The outdoors feature gorgeous colours and more. Now that you are aware of using the autumnal season to your advantage, let’s find out the various London venues that are particularly perfect for an Autumn wedding photoshoot. Don’t forget about wedding minibus hire. After all, there are many places to get around!

Waterloo Bridge

Although Waterloo Bridge is less common than other bridges for wedding shoots, the view it offers is still fantastic. What’s more, it is located at a more private section of the city. This means that there are fewer tourists and you have more freedom with your space. You don’t have to worry about not being able the capture the views of iconic London sights, e.g. Big Ben, Westminster, or the London Eye. You can still capture gorgeous views from the Somerset House or by climbing up on the brutalist structure that belongs to the National Theatre. Good news! You can also get to Covent Garden market from the north bank. This is also a beautiful spot, where the cafés and shops can serve as a back drop.

Millennium Bridge

The scene around Millennium Bridge never sleeps, especially in warmer weathers. That’s why planning a wedding shoot during autumn is a stellar idea. That aside. There is a multitude of beautiful spots to take advantage of. For example, you can use the clean lines of this popular bridge, the birch trees at Tate Modern, and views from the river. Overall, you can be sure that this is a great location, in connection with taking photos at St Paul’s cathedral itself. This way, you can make your London story even more special.

For most couples and their photographers, they have to do a fair bit of walking to get to Millennium Bridge. This is where hiring a minibus comes in. When you arrive at your destination, remember to change to a comfortable pair of walking shoes. You will need them to get up onto the bridge. It might get a little windy too! So, do take care.

Big Ben

One of London’s prime spots is none other than Big Ben. It is a major tourist attraction so expect to find substantial human traffic here. However, you should not let this stop you from getting the shots you need for your wedding. It’s worth all the effort to include this classic London sight in your wedding photo album, i.e. the view of Big Ben from Westminster Bridge. In terms of light and colours, there is great versatility in this area. The iconic London landmark looks great even on a rainy day.

Kenwood House

Located in Hampstead Heath, a renowned open space in London, Kenwood House is a romantic country house despite its pale stuccoed exterior. Overall, its appearance makes the property a photogenic backdrop for refined, English wedding celebrations. Thanks to the isolated location, you get the opportunity to turn up the trad jazz. Remember, if you wish to use the tree-lined driveway for wedding arrivals, you will need to request for permission in advance.

Chiswick House

Located in Burlington Lane, Chiswick House is a Palladian villa and a Neo-Palladian architecture in London. The house was completed in 1729 and was designed by Lord Burlington. The 65-acres gardens are one of the earliest examples of English landscape gardens. They were mainly created by William Kent. He was a landscape designer and architect. Today, Chiswick House is a Grade 1 listed building. It is also maintained by English Heritage. This is a very versatile space. You can explore many possibilities with the visually stunning back drops.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is home to beautiful flooring. You will have to check them out in person to fully comprehend how beautiful it looks. This destination lets in a lot of natural light, which makes it a perfect spot for wedding photography. Next, light stone walls surround the building and they go perfectly with fine art wedding photography. With the right photographer, you can bring out the best of this neutral but highly versatile space. Apart from the elegance and romance of this venue, it is also in close proximity to the Tower Bridge and Millennium Bridge. You can consider squeezing multiple locations in your wedding photography session.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the world. It is an iconic destination for tourists visiting London and even for locals. It is undoubtedly a stellar spot for wedding photography. If you are looking for green areas and calmer spots to break up the cityscapes in your wedding photography session, you can find several cool spots along south bank. Pro tip: avoid coming on sunny days because the space is going to be crowded and incredibly busy. That’s what you were trying to avoid in the first place, right?

If you want to have a great and hassle-free wedding photoshoot experience in London, hiring a minibus is of utmost importance. In times like these, you may not be able to avail the services of taxis, especially from remote locations. At London Minibus Ltd, we offer both standard and executive minibuses. They are safe and reliable and offer great value for money. Our drivers are also well-trained and know their way around. They can drive you, your photographer, and makeup artists to the intended destinations on time while ensuring maximum comfort.

Apart from hiring us for your wedding shoots, you can also hire us on your actual wedding day! For more information about our company, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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