Key Tips For Successful Minibus Hire In London

Key Tips For Successful Minibus Hire In London

Key Tips For Successful Minibus Hire In London

Minibus hire in London is common because the leading global city is home to a wide range of attractions. Hiring a minibus helps take away the usual strain of using busy, public transportation and can get you from attraction to attraction as quickly as possible. Generally speaking, a vehicle that features 16 seats is considered a minibus. With that, day trippers, sports teams, corporate teams, schools, wedding couples, etc., are some of the common groups that often utilize and hire minibuses.

If you do not have any prior experience to booking minibuses, you may find the initial process slightly daunting. To help you power through this task, below are a few pointers that you may find useful. Let’s start by learning what to ask your potential minibus service provider:  

Conduct a Quick Background Check

  • Enquire about the drivers

It is important to check how long (in terms of years) your drivers have been driving minibuses. Yes, experience counts because you are entrusting the safety of your travel companions and yourself to another person. If the driver has many years of experience behind the wheel, he or she will be able to react to various road and traffic conditions without compromising your convenience, safety, and comfort.

  • Enquire about the fleet

Next, you can ask the company about the average age of their fleet. Minibuses that are less than two years old can still provide a decent level of travel comfort and efficiency. Give the company additional points if their vehicles are newer. Modern vehicles feature more sophisticated safety equipment, are environmentally friendly, better fitted out, and much more comfortable. For example, reclining seats offer a higher level of relaxation.

The next item on your checklist should be to check for satellite navigation technology. Don’t be afraid to ask if your potential minibus hire service provider installs Satnav systems in all their minibuses. These systems are important because they ensure your ride runs on time, follows the best routes, and more.

As mentioned, the safety of your passengers is often one of your prime considerations. You need to be well aware of the safety features that come with your hired minibuses. Next, you need to check out how often the company keeps their fleet young, i.e. sends them for maintenance. As a rule of thumb, minibus hire companies service their vehicles every six weeks in their own specialist workshops.

  • Enquire more about their processes

Other important details that require confirmation include the areas of work that the company specializes in, what makes them different from their competitors, the possibility of them sub-contracting work out, their openness to share more details on their vehicles and premises. With that, do not hesitate to check that the company possesses experience in the area of travel that you need and if they can guarantee high standards for their services.

In many cases, reputable minibus hire companies are proud of their facilities, services, and vehicles. They have nothing to hide from their customers. It is pertinent that you ensure they can provide a list of referenced customers; and walk the talk. If the company refuses to identify clients for reference purposes, a red flag has been raised.

Remember to Book at the Earliest

Do you want to get a good deal while arranging the minibus hire you need? If the answer is yes, you should make the necessary arrangements at the earliest date possible. You need to keep in mind that prices often increase with demand. The earlier you book your minibus, there will be better chances to clinch cost-effective prices. The proverbial phrase: it is the early bird that gets the worm, holds true today!

Compare the Prices of Different Providers

Before you finalize a minibus hire, you are not in the wrong to look around and explore different options. It is recommended that you take your time and check out different companies that offer minibus hire services. Apart from comparing the prices, do not forget to analyse the quality of their services and the various routes their drivers are familiar with. For your extra hard work, your rewards include landing the correct minibus company whose route suits you the most and save a couple of bucks.

Make Sure the Minibus Company Can Provide the Documentation You Need

It is the same as getting a car rental or hiring a private cab. It is a good practice to request to view official documentations such as vehicle registration documents, drivers’ licenses, and work permits before hiring the service. The goal is to establish credibility of your service provider.

Reviews, Testimonials, and Recommendations

When was the last time you sign up for a service without reading reviews first? By now, you should have grasp the concept of reviews and testimonials, i.e. provide potential customers with valuable insight into the company they are considering doing business with for the short term or long term. You will want to make sure that the company is willing to travel the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, they should show how dedicated they are to solving known problems.

Another smart way to gain exposure to better minibus hires in London is to ask your family members or friends for recommendations. Set aside ample time to ask around for a few recommendations so that you can accurately determine the competence of the company you are interested in. The result: you can benefit from better deals, as well as enjoy a comfortable experience.

How London Minibus Ltd Can Help

So, you have landed on our website. Who are we? London Minibus Ltd is a leading provider of minibus hire solutions in London. Our services have been widely recognised for offering a modern minibus fleet, safety, reliability, and low-cost prices. What’s more, we offer standard and executive minibuses, which are able to transport between 16 and 29 passengers. You can rest assured that our local London drivers are also trained to ensure the journey is part of the fun that your group and you will go through. If you would like to see how much you can save by booking our minibuses, do not hesitate to get an instant quote online from us now.

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