Why Book Minibus Hire For Weddings?

Why Book Minibus Hire For Weddings

Why Book Minibus Hire For Weddings?

Weddings are one of the happiest days of a person’s life but getting there can be very stressful. There is a lot of co-ordination required to ensure everything is in place and goes smoothly on the big day. One way you can reduce the stress of whether all your guests will make it to your special day on time, is to book minibus hire for weddings. Here are a few reasons why:

Timed Arrival of Guests

This is one of the most important considerations for hiring a minibus. Chances are you might have been to a wedding yourself where you are not quite sure where the venue is. Then when you have found the venue, you can’t find a parking space and then by the time you have parked up, your stress levels have risen because you are so far away from the venue that you will have to run to get there on time for the start of the ceremony. Worse still, this may have caused you to miss out part of the ceremony. You can help avoid all that stress for your guests with a little forward planning. By choosing a minibus hire, you will ensure all of your guests are collected together and transported to the venue in plenty of time and stress-free, ready to enjoy your wedding.  


Weddings are nearly always accompanied by alcohol, and whilst some people prefer not to drink or do not drink because they are the designated driver, hiring a minibus to ensure everyone gets home safely is by far the better option. This means that everyone can enjoy themselves without having to worry about getting home or back to the hotel safely.

No Parking Problems

Weddings are a time where family members and friends get the opportunity to meet up and catch up on gossip and renew relationships. Today, friends and family can live far and wide, which means travelling to your wedding venue. If they have to use their own transport to get to your wedding venue or reception, then there may be the possibility of limited parking facilities, particularly if your wedding is a large affair. Minibus hire will take this possible hitch out of the equation, helping you to feel more relaxed in the knowledge that your wedding party is safely catered for.

Arrive Relaxed And Comfortable

Driving to a wedding, particularly over long distances, can be stressful in itself. Not only that, when you arrive, you feel hot and bothered and your clothes can be crumpled or wrinkled. This can add to people’s stress levels. Minibus hire will eliminate this stress. All guests will be able to sit in comfort without worrying about the correct route. As they are not cramped into a small car, they can move about which means their attire will be less crumpled or wrinkled, so they feel more confident and happy. An added bonus is that they can also move around the minibus and chat with other wedding guests, giving a lovely start to the day.

Avoid the Hassles of Parking Restrictions

This might seem an odd thing to consider, but some venues may have limited parking and waiting restrictions. The minibus may be able to drop your guests off at your ceremony venue, but if you are relying on the minibus to transport them to the reception venue afterwards, it may not be allowed or able to park for the duration of the ceremony. This is often not a problem as all minibus drivers are well aware of the restrictions of popular wedding venues and know where they can stay if they are unable to remain in the grounds of the venue. They will return in plenty of time to collect everyone after the ceremony. If in doubt discuss this with the minibus hire company, who will be able to advise you well.

Designate A Contact In Case Of Problems

You will not want to be concerned with co-ordinating or dealing with any issues on your big day, so it is a good idea to designate a contact to be in charge of overseeing the minibus. You should give this person’s details to your minibus hire company and they will pass it to the driver. You should also give the minibus hire details to your designated contact person. This means if there are any potential problems, such as lateness, it can be dealt with quickly and easily. Very little goes wrong from a minibus hire point of view, but just occasionally there may be factors beyond the control of the driver, such as unscheduled emergency road closures, etc., leading to a late arrival.

Plenty Of Time To Get To The Venue

Not only can travel time be vastly underestimated, but unforeseen delays or incidents can quickly eat into time, so don’t get caught out. There are many factors that can affect travel time, so ensure your minibus hire company has all the relevant details they need for the venue. Your minibus hire company is experienced and will be able to advise on the minimum time required to get from the collection point to the venue. They will also factor in extra time as well, just in case of unforeseen delays. Ensure all your guests know well in advance what time they need to be ready to be collected. This may seem like a long time before the wedding ceremony, but it is essential.

Remember to Book Your Minibus Early

Many minibus hire companies get fully booked ahead of the wedding season, so once you have decided this is the best way to get all your guests to your chosen venue, it is best to book as early as possible. This not only ensures your wishes can be accommodated, but you can also get the best deal too. Last minute booking is not recommended as it will cause you more stress if you can’t find what you need in time.

Choose A Central Location For Picking Up And Dropping Off Guests

It can be a logistic headache in itself trying to find the best location to suit all guests, and no matter what you do, you will not be able to please everyone or accommodate everyone’s wishes. So, the best way to approach this is to choose a place that is easily accessible for the vast majority of your guests. A central location is often best, such as a city centre. Of course, it will depend on where your wedding venue is and whether your guests are all being transported from one area. If guests are travelling to your wedding and staying overnight, a good way to overcome this issue is to suggest a large central hotel for them all to stay at. That way they can be collected from and transported back to the hotel with exceptional ease.

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