London Minibus Hire Can Help You Travel On A Budget

London Minibus Hire Can Help You Travel On A Budget

London Minibus Hire Can Help You Travel On A Budget

Finding dependable transportation while traveling can sometimes be challenging. When traveling as a group, many transport providers will restrict your options due to the additional passengers. However, this is not the case with a minibus, which is the preferred mode of group transport to sports events, corporate meetings, religious observances, weddings and school activities. A quality London minibus hire is safe, comfortable, allows you greater storage and offer mores seating space.

Notting Hill Carnival

This carnival is a yearly event that has been held in the UK since the 1960s. It lasts for two days in August, and is celebrated primarily by British of West Indian descent. This is an important event which has grown over the years and is now attended by over a million people each year, making it one of the biggest street festivals in the world, and a key part of Caribbean British culture. Spectators can expect vibrant costumes, music, dancing and lots of Caribbean cuisine.

London’s Natural History Museum

This museum features a large collection of specimens, each of which highlights important parts of natural history. It is one of the UK’s biggest museums, with about eighty million objects which are divided into five categories, which are entomology, palaeontology, botany and mineralogy. However, this facility is more than just a museum, and is also a place of research with an emphasis on taxonomy and conservation. Aside from being one of the UK’s largest museums, it is also one of the oldest, and is famous for housing specimens which were collected by the great Charles Darwin. This museum is publicly funded and as such does not require a fee for admission. The museum has become popular for its many dinosaur exhibits, as well as its ornate architecture and numerous books and journals.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest and most famous parks in the United Kingdom. It encompasses more than 140 hectares complete with thousands of trees, a meadow and lake, and gardens which feature ornamental flowers. In fact, it isn’t unusual for visitors to this park to briefly forget they’re in London. Aside from the natural scenery, this park is also equipped with other attractions such as skating, boating, swimming and cycling. Pitches are available for tennis and other sports, as well as tracks for horseback riding and a playground for children. Two restaurants are also available near the lake which offers meals in three courses.

Hyde Park is also home to numerous monuments and structures which will interest visitors, like the Joy of Life Fountain, statue of Archiles and the Serpentine Bridge. A number of open air attractions are held annually, and on Sundays you can head down to the Speaker’s Corner where you will get to hear some of the city’s top orators. From November to January ice skating is also available.

Changing Of The Guard

This event is held at Buckingham Palace and is a spectacular display of English pageantry. The new palace guard will exchange their duties with the older one, in a ceremony which is called Guard Mounting. It is held just outside the palace in the morning, and the entire occasion lasts approximately forty five minutes. The ceremony is complete with elaborate military costumes and music.

The guard which is responsible for the protection of Buckingham Palace is officially named the Queen’s Guard. It consists of soldiers who are still in active duty with the Foot Guards of the Household Division. These guards wear elaborate uniforms which consist of bearskin hats with tunic’s red in colour. The event is free to attend and will usually be held on Friday, Monday, Wednesday or Sunday. The event has grown in popularity over the years and now attracts both UK residents as well as foreign tourists from around the world.

Science Museum

The Science Museum is one of the UK’s most popular museums of technology and science. It houses more than fifteen thousand objects, which include famous items such as the command capsule used on the Apollo 10. Unlike other museums, its galleries are interactive, and showcase scientific principles while educating the public on current science related debates. One of the most popular attractions here are 4D and 3D simulations which give attendees the opportunity to experience space exploration or enjoy a film on a massive screen in the IMAX cinema.

River Cruise (London Eye)

This is a circular styled river cruise which lasts approximately forty minutes. Passengers will get to sail on the River Thames, where they will see attractions such as the Globe of Shakespeare, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. This is one of the city’s most popular maritime attractions, due to the boat’s all weather construction and relaxing seats. During the cruise passengers will be treated to live commentary as the boat moves near the Parliament Houses, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. You also have the option of upgrading to a flight on the London Eye, where you will get to see spectacular panoramic views of the city.

The Statue of Eros

This beautiful statue was constructed during the 19th century, in honour of the philanthropic work performed by Lord Shaftesbury. The theme of this public sculpture is Antheros, which is the angel responsible for Christian charity and a brother to Eros, who is known as the Greek god of Love. Aside from viewing the statue itself, there are many other things to do nearby, such as watching a musical at the Theatreland, or shopping on Oxford or Regent Street. Chinatown is also nearby, which offers an array of eateries as well as shops which sell interesting Asian merchandise. Finally, those who are interested in viewing more art can always visit the nearby National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery or the Royal Academy of Arts.

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