The Easiest Way To Book London Minibus Hire

The Easiest Way To Book London Minibus Hire

The Easiest Way To Book London Minibus Hire

If you travel frequently, you know how challenging it can be when finding reliable transportation services. When you are traveling with a group, you may have the feeling that additional passengers limit your options even more. In most cases, you may also be torn between choosing a van or a minibus. Out of the two options, did you know that minibuses always emerge victorious? Here are some reasons why minibus hire in London is the sound choice for locals and international travellers alike:

Skilful and Knowledgeable Minibus Drivers

When you reserve and hire minibuses, you will be assigned a dedicated driver. He or she will get you exactly where you need to go. Without fail, your drivers possess in-depth knowledge of the area they are driving through. This means that they can take the most efficient route. Minibus hire companies thoroughly vet all their drivers, ensuring that they are safe and reliable.

Stellar Amenities

Compared to traditional vans, minibuses often feature a greater array of amenities. Most vans only provide a radio and air conditioning. Minibuses, on the other hand, offer a variety of quality amenities, including Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, rear and overhead storage space, air conditioning, plush seats, and many more. Long distance trips will no longer be a pain in the butt.

Better Passenger Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, minibuses tend to have an upper hand because they are much easier to board. The entry assist handles that are found on minibuses make it significantly easier for disabled and elderly passengers to board the vehicle.

Higher Level of Comfort

You can trust your minibus to provide a relaxing riding experience. Some minibuses feature bucket seats and they are far more comfortable than traditional bench seats that are typically found in a van fit-out. With more interior headroom, your head will not keep brushing the inner-roof of the vehicle, which can be uncomfortable and frustrating during long-distance rides. Below are two lists that compare the two options. For vans, they feature:

  • No entry-assist handles
  • 22-inch high first step
  • 52-inch interior headroom
  • Curb-side aisle
  • Bench seats
  • Standard van construction
  • Single rear wheels

Now, for minibuses, they feature:

  • Entry-assist handles (both sides)
  • 11.5-inch high first step
  • 74-inch interior headroom
  • Spacious centre aisle
  • Bucket seats
  • Steel cage construction
  • Dual rear wheels

Minibuses are Safer

Minibuses feature advanced equipment to ensure a safer riding experience than vans. As you can see, minibuses often feature steel cage construction and dual rear wheels. These components are needed to increase passenger safety. The risk of rollover is significantly lower and the minibuses’ steel sidewalls help protect passengers from serious injury, in the unlikely event that an accident occurs.

More Storage Compartments

When there is more space to transport items, e.g. overhead storage bins, travellers can enjoy greater peace of mind that their belongings are always within easy reach. These are the little details that make travelling in London much more enjoyable.

Transport More Passengers at a Time

Vans tend to be cramped and can only fit between 12 and 15 passengers. Standard and executive minibuses are built to accommodate up to 35 passengers. You will be able to transport large groups during your travels with exceptional ease.

Why Choose London Minibus Ltd?

At London Minibus Ltd, our modern fleet of minibuses is safe, reliable, and extremely affordable. We are also a leading provider of minibus hire with expert drivers in the capital of England. Our name is trusted by a wide variety of locals and tourists alike. We understand that most of our clients are in need of urgent minibus hires, and that’s why we can provide instant quotes! We specialize in shopping day outs, sporting events, religious and cultural events, exhibitions, school trips, group travel, airport transfers, corporate travel, and wedding transportation!

How to Book the Best Minibus Hire in London

  • Get recommendations

A convenient method of selecting the best minibus hires in London is to ask around for recommendations. Your family members and friends may have experience with hiring minibuses in London. They can point you to the right direction.

  • Request for official documentation

Just like renting a car, it is a good idea to ask for official documents, e.g. vehicle registration documents, to check the credibility of the minibus hire company. You should also ask to see the work permits of the drivers if possible. There should always be trust between provider and the customer.

  • Always book early

As much as you can make urgent bookings, try not to. If you want to enjoy greater deals when booking minibuses, you should book in advance. Oftentimes, there are peak travel seasons which can cause a surge in prices. In some cases, you may not even be able to successfully book the vehicles you need. So, always book as early as possible.

  • Price comparisons

Some minibus hires take different routes and may charge different rates. A travel-savvy client should do his or her part to compare services and the costs that come with them. These practices are needed to ensure complete customer satisfaction. You want to make sure you choose a company that is in line with your needs, expectations, and preferences. Remember, you are the customer. You have the right to do your homework, i.e. compare prices.

  • Keep an eye out for promotions and offers

Most or all minibus service providers roll out discount codes or coupons for tourists. It is a good idea to make use of these benefits. You may want to ensure that you are kept in the loop by subscribing for newsletters and emails.

Booking London minibus hires is easy. It is a straightforward process and an affordable transportation choice. When you use minibus hires in London, you and your travel companions are guaranteed a pleasant travel experience from start to finish.

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